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March 18th, 2022

Cook Medical launches MINC+™ Benchtop Incubator in India

Chennai, India — The MINC+™ Benchtop Incubator is now available to clinical embryologists and IVF clinics in India.

The MINC+ is the next generation of the MINC® Mini Incubator, a benchtop incubator that has been a standard component in IVF clinics for more than 20 years.

‘We listened to user feedback when designing the MINC+ and incorporated new and updated features that will make a big difference for embryologists’, said Olin Emmanuel, global director of Cook Medical’s Reproductive Health specialty, ‘so we’re very excited to introduce this technology to the IVF world.’

The MINC+ has a 50% larger capacity than the previous MINC and independently humidified chambers to help reduce the evaporation rate of culture media during incubation and avoid harmful rises in osmolality. The MINC+ has several additional features that allow users to continuously monitor critical functions. A separate chamber is provided for warming test tubes of IVF-related liquids such as buffer or oil.

The MINC+ incubator also includes the DishTrace platform, which combines functionality through the incubator touchscreen and a PC software program to provide a wide range of dish-data management tools.

With the DishTrace platform, users can access and log information via the touchscreen, track culture dishes as they are checked in and out of the incubator, monitor up to 50 MINC+ incubators, and generate and view graphical histories and reports of MINC+ activity.

The MINC+ Benchtop incubator is part of a suite of assisted reproductive technology (ART) products offered by Cook Medical, including culture media and devices for ovum aspiration, intrauterine insemination, and embryo transfer and manipulation. For more information email

About Cook Medical

Founded in 1963, Cook Medical pioneered many of the medical devices now commonly used to perform minimally invasive medical procedures throughout the body. Today, the company integrates medical devices, drugs and biologic grafts to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes. Since its inception, Cook has operated as a family-held private corporation.

Over the last two decades Cook India has been providing technical and clinical support to physicians across India and South Asia through a range of 2600 products while helping patients get back to living. Since opening in 1996 with 5 people, Cook India in Chennai has now swelled to 52. The office benefits from the connectivity of local air and sea ports as well as a close proximity to its distributor. Its main markets include Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kerala.

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