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About Cook

As a privately owned company, we can look at the world our own way and do what we feel passionate about, rather than be driven by shareholder demands and expectations. What are we passionate about? That’s simple:

Making unique, quality products and connecting with people to improve lives on both sides of the device.

Cook was founded on inventing products that give healthcare professionals what they need to get their patients back to living. Healthcare has changed drastically over the last several years but the need for innovative products has not. We’re committed to growing and evolving so we can continue meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.

Central to our focus on building deep connections is our belief in the importance of identifying innovative solutions to help customers, patients, employees, and communities thrive. We understand that our ongoing success will come from creating inclusive, supportive, and healthy environments where we can prosper together.

We believe the world needs more companies who understand and use their potential to create positive social impact through the way they operate, and we are committed to cultivating partnerships with likeminded organisations on this mission.

We are proud of our history of innovative firsts and the impact we have on the lives of patients and in communities around the globe. We remain strongly committed to our values, to the patients we serve, and to increasing our impact on the world in our unique Cook way.

Building our future

Our future will focus on Cook’s unique approach to four core areas: Invention, Connection, People, and Community.


Innovation that benefits patients is what drives us, and it always has.

We connect with and listen to healthcare professionals to identify unmet needs and use our expertise to imagine new solutions. This innovative spirit and a relentless focus drives everyone in Cook towards the shared goal of getting patients back to living.



We believe two-way understanding is vital for advancing patient care.

We value the relationships that built our company, from those that help us design the future of healthcare to those that deliver the best patient care every day. We know that the future lies in creating a customer-centric environment through listening and understanding.

Whether in person, virtually or through on-demand content, we’re here whenever and however you need us to continue to strengthen the connections we have.



Our people are our greatest asset and are at the heart of everything we do.

Bill Cook used to say, ‘If you take care of the company, the company will take care of you’. We are determined to create an inclusive and supportive environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential within Cook.

We provide resources and benefits to help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals while actively working to remove any barriers that stand in their way.



If our communities are not healthy, we are not healthy.

Companies play a vital role in building strong, healthy, and sustainable communities for the future.

We can be a successful business while using our time, resources, and expertise to help solve the problems that are holding communities back—what we call doing good business while doing good in the world.

We know this looks different in communities across the globe, but we are committed to making an impact everywhere we operate in our unique Cook way.


Stay connected

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